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The investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to generate above average returns for Investors by making Shari’ah compliant investment into selected entities, which primarily operate in commodity-related activities and/or related sector(s) as principal business activities (the “Target Sector(s)”) and/or producers, consumers and other participants engaged in construction and infrastructure (the “Opportunistic Sector(s)”) whenever deemed appropriate based on stringent selection criteria. The Sub-Fund does not invest into real estate but may during financing operations hold by way of security, relevant chargers and titles.



Where possible the Sub-Fund will seek to invest directly rather than indirectly through a Subsidiary and/or Local Asset Owning Subsidiary. Accordingly whenever deemed necessary the Sub-Fund may create Subsidiaries. In relation to this Sub-Fund, it is not necessarily the intention that these Subsidiaries will ultimately be held by a Luxembourg Holding Company as indicated in the descriptions in the Tax section of the main Prospectus. It is not the intention for the Sub-Fund to create a Subsidiary and/or Local Asset Owning Subsidiary for each transaction invested or jurisdiction used. The Subsidiaries and/or Local Asset Owning Subsidiary, where used, will have for sole purposes (i) to comply with the tax and legal requirements imposed by the relevant jurisdiction of investment and/or incorporation; and (ii) to obtain tax and legal efficiencies that might be available and provided by the relevant jurisdiction pertinent to a specific investment.


Sustainable investment objectives of the fund

Disclosure related to Article 10 of SFDR EU 2019/2088 for Sidra-Ancile Deco Investment Sub-Fund

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