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The investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to achieve sustainable above average returns for Investors by investing globally in Shari’ah compliant commodity and trade based transactions through the grant of Shari’ah compliant structured and secured funding to producers, consumers and other participants in the commodity value chain with a view to achieving capital appreciation while attempting to preserve capital and mitigate risks through diversification.



Where possible the Sub-Fund will seek to invest directly rather than indirectly through a Subsidiary and/or Local Asset Owning Subsidiary. Accordingly whenever deemed necessary the Sub-Fund may create Subsidiaries. In relation to this Sub-Fund, it is not necessarily the intention that these Subsidiaries will ultimately be held by a Luxembourg Holding Company as indicated in the descriptions in the “Tax” section of the Prospectus. It is not the intention for the Sub-Fund to create a Subsidiary and/or Local Asset Owning Subsidiary for each transaction invested or jurisdiction used. The Subsidiaries and/or Local Asset Owning Subsidiary, where used, will have the following purpose:

  • As a Security Vehicle: a Subsidiary entity that will obtain the rights to the collateral being pledged to, or to be owned by, the Sub-Fund in the funding granted; or

  • As a Funding Vehicle: Subsidiary entity through which the Sub-Fund indirectly provides the funding as a form of investment. This approach will be used in circumstances where it is not deemed beneficial for the Sub-Fund to contract directly with the underlying investee due to unfavourable tax and/or fiscal considerations.


The Subsidiary’s chosen jurisdiction of incorporation will be guided by the requirements imposed to obtain fiscal and/or legal efficiencies provided by the relevant jurisdiction pertinent to a specific investment.


Sustainable investment objectives of the fund

Disclosure related to Article 10 of SFDR EU 2019/2088 for Sidra-Ancile Global Structured Trade Investment Sub-Fund

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